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I would teach children MUSIC, PHYSICS, and PHILOSOPHY; but most importantly


for in the patterns of MUSIC and ALL the ARTS are the KEYS of LEARNING.



Voice lessons 

Vocal technical development

Speech techniques

Piano lessons 

Flute lessons 

Music Theory lessons 

Music History lessons 

Audition preparation 

Performance preparation

Performance techniques 

BB Studio does not offer student recitals at this time.


Speech techniques (public speaking/voice-over, etc.) 

Breath Support, Posture, Articulation, Diction, and Range Extension

Heart-Based Singing

Bel Canto Technique 

Performance Anxiety

Audition and Performance Preparation


Lessons are currently offered exclusively virtually via Google Meet.


I believe music is a necessity in every person's life and education, as it moves people in ways that words alone cannot. It is a language unto itself, universal in every way. Music provides another outlet for feelings and emotions; it is inspiring, as well as good for promoting creativity and expression. Music is made up of numerous components, all of which can be applied to everyday life. 


Music education is important for both musical and non-musical reasons. While it is mostly seen as a form of entertainment, music is so much more than that! Music assists in the acquisition of many life skills including teamwork, cooperation, focus, organization, responsibility, creativity, and freedom of expression. At BB studio, in private lessons, students receive an individualized lesson plan and curriculum tailored to their personal needs and goals while promoting musical growth. With every successful musical experience, self-confidence builds, encouraging students to continue their musical journey and explore different paths in order to reach their full potential. As they become more experienced, they learn the written language of music, the relations within musical pieces, and the historical context for a thorough understanding of the music's intentions. With this knowledge, the artist's means of expression become more complex, stimulating the senses of both the performer and the audience.


Playing a musical instrument requires a great deal of concentration and stamina. Over time, musicians develop the muscle coordination and development to play their instruments for longer durations. I incorporate breathing techniques and light physical stretches to aid in this muscular development and stamina for a solid technical foundation for all instruments. Students have an active role in voicing their goals for lessons and choosing their repertoire, though some assigned work is required for technical and artistic development. 


BB Studio takes a holistic approach to private lessons. The lesson space is a safety zone for all students and remains a positive environment. Mistakes and musical 'risks' are encouraged, as they are the best way to learn. Students are frequently praised for their accomplishments and are also corrected in a positive way as necessary, building confidence and resilience. Like learning any new skill, learning an instrument takes time, study, practice, and patience. Students and parents of students are encouraged to remember that while hard work and dedication are required to achieve their goals and be successful, it is meant to be a fun experience and should remain as such. 


It is the goal of BB Studio to inspire each and every student who joins the studio family. Through the development of technique, historical significance, and versatile repertoire, students are introduced and encouraged to explore various genres and styles of music. Students learn to create their own practice schedule which builds responsibility, time management, and other important extra-musical life skills. The only limits in life are the ones they set for themselves, particularly in music. Step outside of your box, and unleash your true potential. 



Learn the ins and outs of how music is created and connected in personalized music theory lessons. Here, you will learn how to read music, what those black lines, dots and squiggles on the page really mean and what to do with them! For more advanced study, you will learn modes, chords and music structure through form, chordal, and harmonic analyses. 



Have you ever wondered where music comes from? Study the history of music from the origins of western music, to a specific era or genre. Together, we will create a personalized music history curriculum to quench your thirst for knowledge and explore the fascinating historical events and individuals that shaped music as we know it today. 



Do you have an audition coming up? Are you not sure what/how to prepare, what/how to present it, or even where to begin? Look no further! Whether you are auditioning for specific show, you have a call back you need some coaching for, or you just need help polishing a general audition package, BB Studio has you covered. Together, we will devise a quick and efficient way to help you put your best foot forward in an audition complete with repertoire, stage presence, and secret audition techniques to help you feel confident when you walk in that door to nail your audition!


Are you an aspiring performer or perhaps a veteran looking to rejuvenate your act? BB Studio will help you step out of your box and onto a stage where the only limits are the ones you give yourself. Learn how to work through performance anxiety, develop your performance craft, and breathe new life into your performances through acting and improvisational techniques as well as breathing and mindfulness exercises to unleash the best performer you can be.

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