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As a Life Coach, I can help you identify and clarify your goals, obstacles to achieving them, and support you in developing strategies and tools to overcome those obstacles and attain your goals in life, relationships, and career. Together, we will set micro-goals to help you towards achieving your larger goals. 

***Note: Life Coaching is different than therapy and should not be treated as such.


As an Executive Functioning (EF) Coach, I can help you identify and develop any of the executive functions that we use in daily life to learn, work, and interact with others. These 8 areas include: impulse control, emotional control, flexibility/shifting, working memory, self-monitoring, planning/prioritizing/time management, task initiation, and organization.


As an Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Coach, I can help you develop yourself through personal growth. NLP is often utilized to improve communication, learn faster, and develop a higher quality of life. NLP uses the five senses to identify these barriers to change. Together, we will help you transform any limiting self-beliefs and break barriers by stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing change as you move towards a brighter future.


As a Study Skills Coach, I can help guide you through developing effective study to improve your learning and test scores through habits including active listening, goal setting, note-taking strategies, reading comprehension, memory skills, utilizing graphic organizers, creating study guides, test-taking strategies, and more.



As a Health and Wellness Coach, I can help you identify and clarify your current healthy habits and future health and wellness goals. Together, we will create a program designed to help you find balance by looking at your nutrition and eating habits, physical wellness and exercise routines, and sleep habits. We will also incorporate mindfulness and wellness practices that best support and help you achieve your health and wellness goals for a more balanced healthy life.


As a Growth Mindset Coach, based on research developed by Carol Dweck, we can explore your outlook on life and work together to shift from more "fixed" thinking to more "flexible" thinking. These strategies are based on the belief that intelligence and a person's abilities can be developed and improved through focus, dedication, motivation, and practice.


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